Déjà Vu of Long Years

Captured by two men in this train,
Following their orders without complain,
Manchester’s where I’ll take my leave,
It’s the next stop and a letter I’ll receive,
The train halts and the noises augment,
Exiting the vehicle with an extraordinary scent,
I’ve been here and here did I see her glowing face,
Here I saw her giggle and here I boosted my pace,
Pushing people aside and waiting at that spot,
There she kissed me and a kiss I never forgot,
Shaking her head waving her long hair left and right,
Strolling away whilst I try to keep her within my sight,
A beige and brown top and an autumnally green skirt,
Stunningly blended with her body; persons starting to flirt,
Fading away, turning her head, looking back; our eyes have met,
Last glances from far away glowing cheeks and I bet they’re wet.

A Déjà vu or the woman I see before my eyes?
Wearing a scarf and a heavy coat as if to disguise,
No, not her, but behind her the lady with long hair,
Looking at me with similar smile and the exact wear,
Running towards her pushing the busy crowd away,
But the two men grasped me as if I was the prey,
Struggling; but fruitless efforts and the growing tears,
Have made me lose her for seventy-two long years.


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