Stabilising the Soul

Is it an enormous tree or a humble man I see?
Purity draining into the dusty autumn leaves,
Or an exhausted elderly limping on his third leg?

It is source and extended cables both required for a life,
The two are none but a blurry vision I have foreseen,
Incessant distorted images infiltrating a lot of memories.

I accepted the existence of the truth and its spatial loci,
Others still consider me too naïve to seek such an element,
Thus, the dust, from this path to my face, kept its promise.

3 thoughts on “Stabilising the Soul

  1. Bu Thyab says:

    I think this poem is the worst to analyse. So that my readers understand I explain what I meant by this poem:

    Title: having to establish the foundation of the soul

    then i mentioned 'enormous tree', and for a tree to be enormous they have to have a very large and stable base; 'humble man' refers to naive-ness and easily tricked. Hence, I was questioning my soul's stability, and then finished the stanza by expanding this question: a firm tree will be 'pure' no matter wat bad tidings happened to him/her, thus, with the 'dusty autumn leaves' referring to 'fitna' and bad influences, still purity is draining into them stabilising the soul. Then comes the humble man, an elderly exhausted and limping due to the tricks he's been put up with in all of those years not knowing wat to do, but just continue walking.

    First stanza: questioning my soul before discovering new situations/events in life

    source and extended cables are heart and the blood vessels, respectively, i.e. referring to emotions, and I have foreseen them to be shaken from those 'new' events i was participating in. Hence, continuous unwanted images coming to my mind.

    second stanza: the downside time of my soul.

    spatial loci is used to denote the surroundings of the truth, as in, the truth is not just a single dot with a single effect, but rather a sphere; and here i added that term to denote my full understanding of the nature of the truth, the religion/deen/Islam. Others here are those who don't want me to practice my religion and want me to go astray. element=truth. the dust is the effect of those who are around me (colleagues, friends, etc) trying to cover my eyes from the truth; and this dust will still exist as it comes from my path I'm walking on, i.e. the university and work in future. Meaning, those sort of persons will not disappear from my life, usually my work life. and I left it that way, since the most important thing is to believe in their existence such that I can take my precautions.

    Third stanza: knowing the truth and following it.

    Therefore, stabilising the soul!!

    Hope this helps.


  2. MIB says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And WAS this poem that had me baffled!xD I had figured out 'the source and two cables', but other than that..I thought it had more to do with and old man on life support, but Sb7analla, the meanings are even MORE deeper than that!

    Rabbi ythabbatk – anytime you feel that life out there is getting tough on you because of the restrictions that are in Kuffar's lands..remember the Ajr that you get while practicing Deen there is a WHOLE lot more than the Ajr you would have gotten a Muslim country.

    Sb7analla, I've seen that Muslims who go out in the West, they might flip over to the 'dark' side for a while, but eventually, they come back crawling on their knees – and crippled – to Allah, and WHEN they come back, you cannot say that this person was once 'messed up'.

    May Allah keep all of you steadfast on 9iratl Mustaqeem, and may He Reward you all with Jannatl Firdous for all the restrictions that are faced while living in Kuffar's lands; Ameen.


  3. Bu Thyab says:

    Thanks heaps for your regular comments ^__^


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