Corrupted Humanity

I was once a very young innocent caterpillar,
But quickly forced to evolve into a butterfly,
Kidnapped by an anonymous shifty shadow,
Smiling with open arms as if my awaited uncle,
“They are so busy”; family just leaving me?

I met a new very young soundless yellow bird,
Soon to become a soulless puzzled wanderer,
Left from home due to an old drunken mother,
Taken by the same arms, yet not his uncle,
“He is helping you”; father is rescuing me?

I met a cat and a dog, identical twins I presume,
Shortly went for adoption sold for few silver coins,
Divorced single mother was too late for abortion,
So-called uncle grasping this golden opportunity,
“She doesn’t care”; mother just forgetting us?

We were once very young innocent children,
Before long exposed to the corrupted humanity,
It was not our mistake; it was not our decision,
Mother, father, uncle, family, none to bear us,
Using this final line to ask the reason for this.

Wednesday, 16th of September 2009

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