A Hurtful Departure (collaborative work) (edited)

Words from Um 3eesa’s blog
Choice and compilation by Bu Thyab

If these were written by hand,
The ink would have smudged,
Beyond recognition,
Mixing with my …

My insides are eroding,
My heart has turned black,
After burning for so long,
My heart bled …

It is worse than having someone,
Make an incision in your chest,
With a hot, blunt metal object,
Dipped in acid, then rip your heart …

My throat,
Has gone,
Very sore,
And my eyes …

Friend-less when you came into my life,
Heedless and confused,
Friend-less I am once again,
But, I waste no efforts trying to fit in …

Wednesday, 10th February 2010


2 thoughts on “A Hurtful Departure (collaborative work) (edited)

  1. Hale says:

    BT, I love this one! I can relate with it in many ways.


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    I appreciate your comment. Thank you!


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