Archives to Reopen

Please read the previous poem entitled ‘Filed in Archives’ before this one.

Gasping deprived souls,
On the floor,
Staring so aimlessly,
Against their wills,
In this hell,
Captivated, tortured, butchered,
Few last long,
All inevitably expire,
Except this one,
Since carelessness arose,
Ignored for seconds,
Screaming for power,
Gigantic emotions rush,
Joints rapidly restructure,
Releasing the chains,
Ostentatious deep inhalations,
Reviving once more,
Archives to reopen,
Recollections of old-times,
Needing unwanted souls,
Pure, gullible, frail,
Failure never returned,
Hands supporting body,
Standing on legs,
Souls comforting others,
Reflections of torture,
Dark clouds form,
Raining to cleanse,
Evolving white habits,
Reacting with walls,
Of this abyss,
Dissolving to bits,
Removal of confusion,
Steps to walk,
Stairs to climb,
Energising the soul,
Surviving once more,
In this life,
A chemical world.

Monday, 15th of February 2010


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