Souls to Cure

The wolf cries towards the advancing monsoon,
You saw his mystical and formless silhouette,
Saddened by speechless dawns and sunsets,
Howling endlessly for a believer’s approach,
Finding a cursed contour of a leafless tree,
Digging its roots through the glowing graves,
Igniting little fragments of a yearned soul,
Generating diamonds held in a safety vault.

Saturday, 22nd of May 2010


3 thoughts on “Souls to Cure

  1. MIB says:

    Amazing description, mashalla..3thab elQabr?

    Loving the last line; ironic yet so very true..Tabarak Ar-R7man, talent in full play – keep it up.=)


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    nope, not 3thab elQabr!!

    The wolf, i.e. the man, is very sad about others not being very responsive throughout the day, “speechless dawns and sunsets”. The wolf howls, i.e. the man calls to the true faith, Islam, and makes da'awah, then the wolf finds a disbeliever “cursed contour of a leafless tree”, and he digs up the person's past and true soul, and starts preaching about the way of life, and by doing that diamonds were generated, i.e. precious 'common sense' within the one self!!


  3. MIB says:

    Ah, makes sense..but I percieved it differently, which more or less makes sense as “3thab alQabr”. Anyway, beautiful poetry, Mashalla.=)


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