A Leaf

Once upon
An autumn leaf
Dry and brown
A story told
Through the dance
Left and right
Kissed the ground
Stroked the sand
A tongue to speak
Language of
Sad and fear
I can hear
Loud and clear.

And I am once
Born to preach
Language of
Peace and love
Draw and paint
A thousand words
Feel my lips
Move apart
Hear my heart
Cry for just
But sure you know
The world you’re in
Is but a show
That has an end
A happy one.

So hear me say
One more time
A story told
A thousand words
Be sincere
And you will be
A charming leaf
Red and green
Full of life
Peace and love
Once upon
A Saturday.

Saturday, 24th of July 2010


6 thoughts on “A Leaf

  1. MIB says:

    All my comments are..more or less..the same everytime, because your poems are always wonderfully written, & most importantly, they are all SO meaningful, Mashalla!

    Keep it up, bro – awaiting your next one!


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    yzach Allah kel khair, and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!!


  3. MIB says:

    wiyak bro, May you and your family find yourselves closer to Allah, and may you all be granted Jannatl Firdous in Reward for your sincerity and 3ibadah; Ameen.


  4. mashalla well written, once upon a saturday! 😀


  5. Magnifique says:

    Lovely & inspiring masha Allah!
    Good job bro. *thumbs up*


  6. Bu Thyab says:

    Bushra: thanks a lot for passing by and i'm glad that you liked this poem

    Magnifique: thanks heaps, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, which inspired me to write this delicate poem, which i enjoy reading, too!



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