Step one – step two – block then attack,
Step three – step four – and then launch,
Step five– *RING RING* just hold a bit,
Continue training with the same routine.

“Hello! Yes? Yes, it is me. Aha, okay. When?
N-now? Aha, b-but– not a problem! Ba-bye!”

Climbing up the ladder is what I have done,
Stood on this long, narrow cliff and waiting,
Cheers and claps from the audience I hear,
Nerve-racking indeed, yet a compulsory step,
Step-step-step-jump-grab and swing; finally,
Swing… swing… swing-release-catch-swing,
Swing… swing… swing-release–

“Hello! Yes, speaking! What do you want?
I know, I just spoke to him! Yes, okay! Bye”

Climbing up the foremast just before sunset,
Heading west; eyes longing for a night’s birth,
G-golden-orange sparks the bowsprit brilliantly,
There! The universe’s soul is s-… s-… singing,
Still as a rock, but a heart’s pound is irresistible,
Cheers and shouts from the crew is what I hear,
And now to fly low on the ground with the sun,
Climbing up the mizzenmast just before sunrise,
Setting the sails, untying the ropes, yawning,
Waiting for the birth of a new day, a new hope,
Tick… tock… tick… tock… tick–

“Hi buddy! Yep, I just called! I just wanted to–
Pardon me? Oh, alright, no worries. Okay bye!”

Climbing up the ladder patiently and still climbing,
With long-shorts and goggles ready for a high dive,
Hand-leg-climb-hand-leg-climb and there I reach,
Walk-breathe-walk-breathe-walk-stop and wait,
Deep breath and looking ahead with loud cheers,
Concentrating on the types of turns and twists,
Picturing every movement in my nervous head,
Deep breath… one-two–

Sunday, 09th of January 2011

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