Your Days and Mine

Talk to me loud and clear about your days,
The sun and trees; what nature conveys,
Dust sweeping the lands revealing a woe,
Is this the truth, tell me what you know,
The sky and the water as blue as this paint,
And breathe that air without having to faint,
I have heard of fresh and healthy greens,
And fruits full of flavours perfecting cuisines,
How were they made- oh right, it is hopeless,
I know that my purpose is just to live aimless,
But you know that the footprints I leave behind,
Need to be enormously large for people to find,
And ever I saw your ancient eyes I dreamed,
The days of peace where my heart screamed,
Tell me one more time about the true way,
That I can serenely follow without going astray,
And lead a nation’s people to worship Him,
With His mercy going to light from dim.

Sunday, 6th of February 2011


2 thoughts on “Your Days and Mine

  1. MIB says:

    Sb7analla..I'm loving your latest poems BIG TIME.


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    thnx heaps!!

    always come back for more ^_^


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