At the Bus

I just arrived at the bus stop tired as she took off,
Waited for an express route to reach before her,
But our meeting had to be postponed another day,
My mind soon forgot her as days turned into years,
Then, thirteen past five in the afternoon I saw her,
Just missed the bus I was in as she ran to the stop,
I kept my eyes on her figure as she blurred away,
Far into the horizon hoping she would catch up,
But the heart left a small hope until the next day,
Or so I thought; yet, in reality it took extra years,
Another forgotten memory relapsed in a bus,
The official meeting, or so I dreamed or imagined,
Suffice to say, it was on that precise bus I met her,
Indeed, a meeting of many meanings or none at all,
It was fully crowded and no seats were available,
I walked to the end and stood as she did, too,
And there I was standing a breath away from her,
She kept looking at me straight into my eyes,
We stayed like this for the entire scenic journey,
No vast questions asked no vast answers inquired,
Then, I parted away into my own little life; normal.
Friday, 27th of May 2011

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