Made to Trade?

A learned speaker once told me to be direct,

I would assume he was a professor of shade,
Painting my quality through an iron object,
Or pottery of poetry within castles to be made,
So I did, hidden symbolic letters to resurrect,
Whilst my deep secret passions I so forbade,
Strangers of unknown origins eyes to suspect,
For the innocence of one’s self has decayed,
Apart from that I wrote outdoors to recollect,
Earth Whisperers hinting for a danger to evade,
For a direct poem I needed a subject to select,
Here, a couple of shiny dirhams for us to trade.
Thursday, 15thof September 2011

2 thoughts on “Made to Trade?

  1. MIB says:

    This is beyond have suuuurelyy left me behind in poetry..I'm absolutely STUNNED by every post I read!:o (Y)

    So, when are you getting your work published, ya sha3r?


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    hehehe… thnx for your kind words 🙂

    en sha Allah, some day I shall get them published. I didn't expect it, but a lot of people have been encouraging me to publish it.

    First, i'll need to find a publisher 😛

    any ideas?


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