Striving Civilisation

Trends and calamities will prevail in a chaotic city,
Reach an uncertain sector, a university, to infect,
Uncivilised despite the adequacy of data feasts,
And hence my seclusion to a natural wilderness.
Beaches filled with sand, rocks, birds and water,
No humans if I timed it correctly; cold rainy nights,
Just me and them drawn together as if an entity,
Our lengthy conversations are mere observations.
I retreat if when the ocean intimidates my feet,
I disparage small rocks fallen from majestic cliffs,
The sand accepts my toes to produce blueprints,
Whity foams glide to enter the gate of insanity.
Birds asked me: “Which part of it do you like?”
I answered: “The rock whose half above water.”
To know why I adore the half-drowned rocks
You have to have patience and wait for a novel.
Sunday, 4thof December 2011

2 thoughts on “Striving Civilisation

  1. “Our lengthy conversations are mere observations.”

    Nice one bro ..

    Is this correct: “I retreat if when the ocean intimidates my feet,” ??


  2. Bu Thyab says:

    Thanks mate..

    uhmmm.. well, not really, because it is more correct to say “if or when” or “if/when” or “if and when”. However, I wanted to illustrate the speed of my retreat by not using accurate grammar, as if I was there writing this poem.

    Glad you enjoyed my poem!



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