Tears to Lend

Oh people! Lend me your ears,
And I will lend you my tears,
Hear these words and heed,
Open your books and read,
Are they filled with a bright light?
Or you took it with a blind sight?
It is when you cannot go back,
And ask for the deeds you lack,
Or give the money you treasure,
Or stop the days of pleasure,
The day has come for the depart,
When close friends are far apart,
When you shiver and shake in fear,
When the cries of hell seem so near,
But you knew that before your death,
As you keep having a constant breath,
So walk on a straight line,
And let your dull heart shine,
And fill your mind with knowledge,
Islam is the faith you need to acknowledge.
Tuesday, 11thof September 2012

2 thoughts on “Tears to Lend

  1. Loli says:

    wonderful words


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