The Miracle of Genes

I inherited earthly Arab genes, both new and old,
And ancient ones, too, full of wisdom and royalty,
But elders have seen enough and grew inpatient,
Thus, conspiring against the young lost generation,
Observing their abnormal putrid talks and walks,
Denying it over the years without uttering a word.
And so, my ancient genes recreated themselves
Into an independent and different living being,
Detached from me: a twenty-year-old flesh,
 Placing forth relics and coins unknown to us,
Purchasing survival kits: only dates and water,
Basic nutritional needs, enough for decades,
Enough to send a message to the forlorn souls.
Simple logical symbols from his ancient tongue
Reach our ears to guide us into rediscovering
Our true vicious foe removing the blinding mist
That has masked my people’s eyes ceaselessly.
Once the long lost calligraphies have been delivered
He will start to dissociate back into ancient genes,
And reconnect with a twenty-first century sundial,
Noting events like an old well-renowned historian.
His disappearance will result, maybe too soon,
In forgetting this ancient song as they grab hold
Onto the relics and coins for millions in an auction,
Leaving the simple logical symbols in my genes.
Thursday, 24thof January 2013

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