Stranger than a Narrative

The storyteller made up a story,
Began with “Once upon a time”,
Foretold the death of the hero,
Whose life focussed on dreams,
Who might have been a trickster,
Time and money meant nothing,
But what is a story without hate,
High- and low-classes: different,
“Little did he know about his love”,
The campfire crackled even more,
This story had a twist like none other,
The kids were listening attentively,
Good versus evil still unclear,
Confused as to who the hero was,
Plague confiscating the lonesome,
Death came to all; wicked or not,
And so the tale ended with yawns,
Kids grew up knowing it was just a story,
Little did they know about wounds,
The storyteller, once, made up a story,
The story had a character so strong,
The character knew his death was near,
Maybe just like the person who is reading.
Wednesday, 12thof June 2013

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