In Justice

This is an introduction to who I am,
Words so simple in your language,
And so I will start by saying: “Faith!”
Without it I am but a lifeless flesh,
A skeleton! In emptiness! Soulless!
With it the flowers forever blossom,
There is no dance, but it is serenity,
Candles lit to show the correct path,
And words when heard are weighed,
Weighed against actions and beliefs,
No need to say “sorry” to lost kids
When their parents are left to rot,
No need to show me your “charity”
When the money goes to destruction,
No need to show your false innocence,
No need to change the name of things
To denote something less obvious,
Approach me, in justice, to explain
The words and actions you produced,
In justice, I will speak on their behalf,
On the lost generation and the forgotten,
I was told how important ‘high class’ is,
But I always wanted to be in ‘one class’,
In justice, you said:
“Keep poor poorer,
Keep rich richer,
So that you keep forgetting the forgotten”.
Monday, 29thof July 2013

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