Regrets in Silence

Hammer banging nails on the wall,
Words of wisdom listing the wanted,
A reward for whoever finds peace,
Another culprit is stuck on the wall,
This time his name is even longer,
There is even a description attached,
“Dead or Alive” swarming the city,
Guilty murderous chaotic outcasts,
Villagers closing doors and windows,
Mothers hushing their crying child,
Fathers putting the candles out,
Law-abiding citizens turned evil?
A new mayor has been elected,
The law is once again enforced,
And each one has been jailed,
Questioned for their reasons,
Even if beyond comprehension,
‘Tell me why on earth did you do it?’
‘Did you have a terrible childhood?’
‘Were you tortured or forced into it?’
‘Were you depressed or mentally ill?’
Copious excuses were created,
For the purpose of being pardoned,
Yet this particular peculiar person,

Who kept staring cluelessly at the sky,
His eyes indicating all hope is lost,
And his mouth was ever so silent,
Even the greatest detectives alive,
Or even the fictitious Mr Holmes,
Can never deduce a thing or two,
About holes in his atrophied heart.
Thursday, 27thof March 2014

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