Trials and Tribulations

I pondered upon the other gender,
Their mind: different than ours,
And their heart: different too!
Yet, when listening about the best:
Asya, Maryam, Aisha, and Fatema,
We are told more than differences,
Letters from Qur’an and Sunnah
Unite to produce peaceful articles
About worshipping Allah alone
Without any associates producing
Inner peace and total tranquillity.
Today, however, I have seen many
Copy the great appearances that
The best of women wore like the
Niqab, and yet, their inner pearl
Darkened and produced wild
Storms full of electrostatic forces
That will always affect the others
In numerous social gatherings;
Unfortunately, those have not
Yet understood Islam in its full
And simple message that the
Prophet Mohammad, Peace,
Blessings, and Prayers be upon
Him, preached day and night.
“And we have not sent you
But a mercy to all mankind”.
And I say this one more time,
Islam is what we have received
From the Qur’an, Sunnah and
The companions, and what we
See, hear today are but Muslims
Following their own desires,
Following verses whiles others
They ignore and reject; except
Few whom Allah has blessed.
So, there is only one choice you
Have in this entire world with
All of its different dimensions,
Including the finite time that
Turns into dust in a matter of
Seconds without a moment
To turn back: colourless death,
A disease without any cure,
No medicine for prevention,
No surgery for intervention,
No mother to return her son,
No father to return his wife,
On the death bed, a skeleton!
Memory created,
Sand buried,
Name written,
Time erased,
Soul unknown,
Peacefulness not recorded!
Sunday, 6th of July 2014