Your Presence in Me

I created a gracious banner to march under,
Into the foreign lands of ____ wilderness,
And as I stepped into architectural hostels
Interior design enveloped the human kind.
A candle at the centre of a massive room
Lit the gloomy and inhabited ____ walls,
Where two travellers sat and a storyteller,
A great new cult was soon to be revealed.
Special student rate stays at the ______’s,
Only seven days’ worth of dear memories,
Thus, I never lost the feeling of belonging,
Yearning for the warmth of its inhabitants.
Settled on the eleventh calm ______ night,
Three months passed, like that night, quick,
Keeping hold of certain threads of connection,
Only to realise that few will soon forever depart.
Wednesday, 10th of December 2014

In The Life We Live In

O weather! O weather! Wherefore art thou crying?
A friend! A friend! Gone away traveling,
A wound! A wound! The body left diminishing,
For life! For life! Kids sit alone praying,
A song! A song! In the name of justice devoting,
My soul! My soul! Against all enemies surviving,
For peace! For peace! In a ritual performing,
A dream! A dream! Get strong and keep protecting.
Thursday, 25thof December 2014

Winter Lady

I wonder if this wide land is wonderland,
Whether lovely Alice is really Alice or not,
But there she stood like a fluffy snowflake,
In the middle of this ancient ______ inn,
Royal. Elegant. Gentle. Charming. Pure.
But then she spoke of a man so far away
Who is unaware of her frozen fingertips,
And there I retreated labelled unwanted,
She then raised her voice as if singing
Melodious lonesome letters to her man,
About adorable encounters in the future,
To be carried by the winter breeze outside,
But then she walks nearby in shyness,
Confused as I was, I tried to look away,
To check the window for passers-by,
But her icicle fingers touched my neck
To whisper delicately “Happy Holidays”,
She ignited a heartbeat with passion,
And there we hugged each other,
Sharing the warmth in this _____ winter.
Thursday, 18th of December 2014

Just Let It Go

They said it was the dawn of all times,
And I followed blindly towards the light,
But soon to discover the surrounding abyss,
Unfortunate souls escaping reality,
Tragic as it may sound but a choice
Made to reflect a euphoric dream,
And as time elapsed I knew something-
Something was wrong as if hearing
The click when stepping on a mine,
There, I froze unable to go back or fro,
Caged. Soulless. Distorted. Lost.
But the time kept ticking, forever,
I needed to go back to the dream,
An addiction shutting my brain down,
As if I can survive without family,
Or friends whom I have abandoned,
Or the life which I have deserted,
Or the soul which I have betrayed,
And so I look for a mask to disguise,
To disappear from this lovely world,
To reappear in those euphoric dreams,
But I know that ‘life’ is a word I own,
I am blessed to have lungs that breathe,
To have a heart that regularly beats,
To have muscles that work all the time,
To have a brain that thinks logically,
To have a tongue that speaks justly,
To have eyes that drench in tears,
To have a happy life that blooms love,
And so I decided to, forever, let go!
To, forever, let go; just let it go!
Saturday, 13th of December 2014