My Little Rose

The rose of my love is so different
That the ones sold in shops seem plastic,
My rose is definitely different,
I will plant the shrub in my own garden,
I will take care of it day and night,
I will water it all my energy,
I will feed it all my love,
I will let it blossom into my heart,
I will then pluck it out of love,
In hope that its fragrance is of that of my feelings,
In hope that its petals touch many soft lips,
In hope that it teaches you that
Love is not created for convenience,
It is born from your senses.
In hope I find you someone,
In hope, my little rose.

Saturday, 14th of February 2015

Wage Beauty

Headlines of the world flashing vividly,
Sixteen hours watching today’s humanity,
That night I chose to shut myself down,
To close all negativity: wounds from wars,
To open all positivity: dreams across galaxies,
Where I stand still on this deserted path,
Gazing at the lone moon as it glows,
And wonder, how can we wage war when
The moon continues to wage beauty.
Thursday, 05th of February 2015

I Wonder

What will happen when we leave?
Will you and I cease to ever feel?
Questions I would rather ignore,
But, as consequentialist as I can be,
I start to bury the passionate heart
Into the depths of the logical mind,
To let her fade away like a mirage,
Or to let her be just another memory.
Wednesday, 04th of February 2015

Foreign Language

Je t’aime, je t’aime, je t’aime,
Words that I have never used,
Language that I have deserted,
And here I am writing it down,
The need to know how ‘I love you’
Is written and spoken in a language
That – you know who – is learning,
When written, her hands I want to hold,
When spoken, her lips I want to kiss,
Si tu savais combien je t’aime,
Si seulement tu savais.
Wednesday, 04th of February 2015


As distant as the moon to this lonely earth,
Your entrance in this vast room,
And as bright as its light piercing through the windows,
Your dazzling beauty seizing my heart,
Similarities starting to stack on top of each other,
As if they were meant to form
An adorable collection of poems,
Held dear in my ancient bookshelf,
Now, the bravery enveloping this tongue
Blossoms into a butterfly to dance freely
As it slowly approaches these words
To form a song of infinite possibilities.

As you read this ode with a cute smile,
You have to know that my adore for you
Is worth more than millions of stars.


As I recite this ode without her presence,
She has to know that my adore for her
Is worth more than millions of stars,
So, I ask each one of you to send her my ode!

Sunday, 01stof February 2015

World Peace

The world peace marched into
The halls of men amidst
Degenerative shadows for an
Overnight in a fancy mansion.
Peace is but a window covered
By a crimson curtain to showcase
The ever-so-rare artefacts
In this delusional house.
A shadow appeared among
Many from within a circle of
Familiar men to illustrate
The power of a conqueror.
And as he ruled the infamous
Sovereigns of a scarred earth
With these familiar men
The world peace came to a halt.
And now, as irregularities
Arose in these halls of men,
Shadows devouring many
Allowing us to rot in pieces.
Saturday, 31stof January 2015

Victorian Silver Locket

She held it as her hands went cold,
Memories of a forlorn past withheld within,
Not a single soul has heard her burning weeps,
The gift from the cute girl drew pleasant smiles,
A peaceful rest on this fragrant full-moon night,
Buried in a coffin full of memories, weeps, and smiles.
Saturday, 31stof January 2015