The Tribe

Tribe to which monsoons cry,
Heavens march for its revival,
A melody for its people,
Touching its fragments,
A calligraphy.
Tribe to which the past burns,
Time halts for its revival,
A book for its people,
Revealing its pages,
A calligraphy.
Tribe to which tongues are cut,
News publish for its revival,
A queen for its people,
Purifying its lands,
A calligraphy.
Tribe to which my blood seeps,
Organs rip for its revival,
A page for its people,
Signing its identity,
A calligraphy.
Tribe to which I am being hanged,
Men whisper for its revival,
A burden to its people,
Breaking its bones,
A calligraphy.

Sunday, 15th of March 2015

Him and Her

The elegant stature of the horse,
The dazzling beauty of the bird,
His muscular gallop at the meadow,
Her free-style dance at the pond,
The loud drums from his hooves,
The mellow songs from her whispers,
His nature as wild as a thunderstorm,
Her nature as free as a morning breeze,
Then, time created a meeting place,
Exquisite young hearts to embrace,
Plotting for those two to love in grace,
Alas, each grew up in a different race,
Separate paths, leaving without a trace,
A kindled passion extinguished to never replace,
Now, their old souls ascended into space,
And time held another meeting, just in case,
Souls unbound to law start to chase,
Then, they went into a long sleep,
Descended onto Earth as another being,
The thick bark of the cherry blossom tree,
The divine scent of the lavender shrub,
His long branches sheltering the birds,
Her aromatic petals soothing the horses,
The limited ageing process of its pink,
The lengthened survivability of its purple,
His nature resilient against any gale or breeze,
Her nature silent against any drizzle or storm,
Then, time performed a magical ritual,
Forces of life vanished from each individual,
Figures of energy to become spiritual,
Condensing into shapes, awaiting a miracle,
Then, they went into a deep sleep,
Descended onto Earth as another being,
The cry of joy around the boy,
The cry of wisdom around the girl,
His loud vocals storming out of his mouth,
Her shy eyes smiling towards the wilderness,
The active movements of the body’s four limbs,
The active networks of the brain’s four lobes,
His nature as robust as a stallion,
Her nature as delicate as a nightingale,
Then, time dealt two cards,
Him and her as heads and tales,
As if creating an opposite bond,
Soon to crumble covertly into the ground,
Unforeseen events led them to a deathbed,
Sharing the same ancient moonlit sky,
And only now that time realised,
A forbidden mistake of life and death,
Like the sun and the black hole,
Earth and moon,
Him and her.
Monday, 16th of March 2015

A Beautiful Tomorrow

The death of an ancient star
Has forged a luminous being
Out of copious lives of men,
Rituals in arid lands of Arabia
Transformed his old habits
On the grand city of ________,
Now cleaved and girdled
Into an infamous statue
To be crowned victoriously,
Two exquisitely elegant _____
Beings joining for an endless
Steps of peaceful freedom,
And as he walks today calmly
In this beautiful spring
He wonders about
A beautiful tomorrow!
Wednesday, 11th of March 2015

Simply Imperfect

Girls who cover their inner portrait
By immersing their delicate beings
Into layers of masked foundation
For the sole purpose of perfecting
An imperfect adorable human skin
Are extremely excruciatingly boring,
So much so that the incompleteness
Of the girl sitting next to her attracts
The very eyes that sees her yawn
Out of exhaustion in a short meeting
Allowing a being with an inner humour
To laugh at the delicacy of the matter,
Ladies who are listening to mannerism
With an interest in many poetic beings
Should understand that what attracts
The opposite gender is total purity
Extracted from an imperfect human
To perfect the emotional surge in us,
Having illustrated my point of interest to
Let passionate hearts out of their cages
Riding on tongues to deliver messages
Of romanticism is the poet’s desire
To warn to never trust a poet’s love
For we are imperfect beings, too.
Sunday, 08th of March 2015

The Forbidden Forest

I went into the forbidden forest,
No canopy to protect its soil,
A mass grave of ashen leaves,
I walk alone on layers of soot,
No wind to accompany me,
A journey of lonesome drifts,
Yet, the branches moved
As if ancient limbs of
An enormous skeleton,
But not just one –
An army from the forgotten era,
Never mentioned in history books,
Not even in legendary tales,
Dread filtered through my eyes,
Hysterical thoughts devoid of actions,
I stood for an uncounted length of time,
Gazing at an empty sky,
Nothing seemed to be alive,
Yet, the branches moved
As if the moon casted magical spells
On naked trees for reincarnation,
Though, neither did they approach,
Nor did any bark retreat,
Except, the greasy soot
Feeding itself into the bones,
Darkening its core,
Evolving its nature,
Deluding its innocence,
Engulfing its purity,
Then I fell to the ground,
Drained from all energy,
An entire scene paused,
Yet, the branches moved
As though trying to close my eyes,
Indeed, a bit of rest is in need,
So, let the moon cast its light
Onto my broken little soul,
Sleeping on this mass grave,
Then waking up to no noise,
Everything seemed to be in place,
Or so I hoped, until
A thick fog invaded my lungs,
Coughing then standing,
Disoriented as I was,
I saw no evidence of skeletons,
Visibility was next to nil,
Soon to realise the science of
Decomposition from soot-covered soil,
A force greater than gravitational pull
Allowed me to get ready for a deathly ritual,
The fog lifted at once,
And I, alone in this forsaken forest,
Believe that death will arrive
From within my own self,
Yet, the branches moved
Saturday, 07th of March 2015

A Phase in Life

Let us not talk of this painful phase,
Never shall it darken our days,
Thorns have grown within my care,
A time I can no longer bare,
If you ever find a hint of hope,
If I ever dare to live and cope,
Yet, billions of stars twinkle in the dark hour,
And yet, the flashback weakens my power,
Fortunate events of planets and moons,
Colossal universe surviving the monsoons,
And there I walk and there I live,
With smiles and peace I always give!
Friday, 06th of March 2015

A Touch of Death

Tell me something –
Something different –
Different to what you just said!
Tell me that I will live –
Live longer than few months –
Months into years with those I dearly love.
Tell me to seek advice –
Advice from another doctor –
Doctor who might have a different opinion.
Tell me that these words –
Words desperately seeking hope –
Hope to find some sort of painless cure.
Tell me to stop –
Stop thinking about the disease –
The disease that tears my body from within.
Tell me to forever go away –
Away from all of those around me –
Me that is suffocating their oxygen away from their lungs.
If you cannot tell me anything,
If you are going to sit in total silence,
Then let my eyes cry, my mouth dry,
My ears block, my mind numb, my limbs fit,
Let the rigidness of my tired face
Illuminate my heart just a little bit more,
For I will reach total cure by being in total silence.
Monday, 02ndof March 2015


Where is the one meant for me,
I will find the you-know-who one day,
Let me grow into you, or you into me,
A parasite that I would not mind,
Trading my entire beating heart
For our hands to never be apart.
Saturday, 14thof February 2015

Message Me

You like my posts on facebook,
You comment on my old photos,
Your fabulous words captivate me,
And then you messaged me about us,
And I know that somewhere within you
Will, someday, emerge into my world,
And envelope me entirely;
Message me!
Saturday, 14thof February 2015