Flight YV1

I noticed a sense of vacation and
Vouched to give myself a break,
So, I booked tickets for Flight YV1,
Destination: a place so surreal
Like none other.
Though, I booked it too close
To the date of my departure,
Hesitant to take this journey
Where hearts meant to ignite
Like none other.
I know not of what to come
If I get on this plane just as
I’m about to get off forever,
Maybe it is an opportunity
Like none other.
Though, postponing it might
Create a greater tomorrow,
Or maybe it is merely myself,
Hesitating at this special hour
Like none other.
The thought of two hearts
Breaking to bits and pieces,
To never be able to recover,
A deafening single thought
Like none other.
To Flight YV1 I shall ask:
Should I just ignore it?
Or pursue this further?
I await its reply eagerly
Like none other.
Friday, 17thof April 2015

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