Bipolar Universe

Tell the souls of this Universe
About a tiny cryptic borderline
Personality that will somehow
Envelope an intellectual heart,
One that will assume a position
In one of the seats of Parliament,
Such that the Universe can come
Back to its senses and applaud
At one misdirection that took
Place in my backyard’s horizon,
Ah, what a relief! The nonsense
Of sensuality developed in the
Brink of time where space lies
Empty on these scorched sands,
Somewhere in this Universe
Where the thrones of devious
Aliens throw rotten tomatoes
At passers-by devoid of reason,
Mentally challenging the puzzles
Of botanical gardens that were
Meant to be for this Universe,
And at this moment, the men
Signed the preposterous law
That heightened this problem
From a hobbit’s dwelling to
A mountainous pile of dung,
Here and now, the souls of
This Universe will listen to the
Adorable purrs of mythical souls.


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