Societal Change

What of a society deemed to
Never survive over the divine
Earthly crust that resurrects
The cries of life, buries elders
In bottomless pits during an
Era previously defined by its
Endless guidance to all men,
Except all their whispers are
Gone beyond resurgence in
A non-existent society that
Bordered light and darkness,
Where definitions of living
Has misdirected those who
Obtained world maps and
Compasses to redirect their
Lost souls into what was once
The essence and the building
Block of the lives of human beings:
Eyes darted into infinite horizons,
Ears forged symbolic understandings,
Hands… O woe to the mishaps,
Taking a turn on behalf of the
Rest of a non-existent society
Deemed to once upon a time
Resurrect at a pace unknown
To the cries of life,
To the hisses of death.

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