The Theory of Goats

So now that the winter is gone,
And Rose’s rose is missing,
While the galloping horse
Kissed me goodbye on my nose,
I discovered an intricate theory,
Full of erudition and a sensational
Exploration into the minds of goats,
It is about a whimsical captivation
Of our intellectual reality that has
Clearly separated us from our dreams,
Slightly, a bit, somewhat like a juxtaposition,
A theory full of oxymoronic hypotheses,
Take this for example: spirituality is
A specific term to deflect an incoming
Dream towards an infinite horizon,
Which is really really cruel,
But in a kind way, very graceful,
And when you mix it with numerous
Ologies of science you beget either
An organised chaos or a spontaneous order
Where goats are at the podium.


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