Dishwashing With Hand Soap

Reminiscing into places I buried long ago,
Indeed, it is about a girl and a road trip,
Seven years have passed without a word,
Yet, still friends – except it is thinning out,
But let me share some exciting moments,
Particularly with the adrenaline-filled rides,
And the refreshing water theme park,
Ending with a long walk by the warm beach,
Well, there is that embarrassing moment,
It does seem so inevitable, does it not?
In the apartment preparing for a barbeque,
And so, I volunteered to clean the dishes,
Surely putting dishes in the dishwasher
Is as easy of a task as looking at the stars?
It sure is if I had used the correct soap!
In my defence, the manual did not state
That I could not use hand soap, except,
I think it was left as common sense,
Alas, bubble-filled kitchen made its mark,
And between the screams and laughs,
I fixed it, cleaned it, watered it, dried it,
Well, not really! She did all of that –
But it was done! No more dishwashing!
Then there was the story of the groceries,
So maybe I should message her now?!

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