Kids These Days

The clock ticked forward alas anticlockwise,
And there stood the heroes of their time: kids;
A generational mischief that think by themselves,
And act on their own accord without consultation,
Burying our preserved century in total misery,
And we shall observe these kids dwell on
An ancient Earth living in lives uninvited,
With the way they dress and the few nonverbal
Cues that they stubbornly omit: void of etiquette,
Ah, have I only known of the extinction of our
Generation was this close, I would have raced into the
Horizon without looking behind at all, without –
But the genetic stars in our tribal silhouettes
Are twinkling to form their own galaxies,
Personalities to lead in an ever-changing century,
An era where we will become this arid desert,
Where they become constellations to lighten us,
Kids these days are surely on their own journey,
And our job is just to spark something within their
Free souls to evolve them into many shooting stars!

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