Code for Travelling

How many have I counted to
Hasten the release of a tight rope,
Dropped out of a system that links
The unknowns for a symbiotic code,
Shared amongst treasure hunters
Seeking the golden era of our kind,
The rope shortens and thickens
Between few venturing beings,
And lengthens and thins out for
Many who lost a reasonable code,
The treasures were hidden from me
For so many youthful years,
And ignorant was I even after it was
Divinely revealed beyond borders,
But once I acquired the map I
Noticed drawings of endless X’s,
And I journeyed yet again through
The joyful years of my youth,
Young was I only after appreciating
The common sense of the code,
And borders meant nothing except
A political excuse for separation,
Little did they know that our true
Code was unified with the stars,
Constellations to reveal our guided
Smiles and geometrical hugs,
If you truly seek the code for this
Universe’s hidden treasures,
Then walk under the purple sky
Harbouring billions of stars,
And hold hands to dance with
Those next to you without reason,
Except, to acknowledge the code
Of travelling among free beings.


¡Tú sueño no es mío!
And I hatched into life,
Climbing towards a canopy,
A star that followed a dream.

¡Pero no es mío!
An oscillating pendulum,
The resonating core,
Distorted into broken wings.

¡Mi sueño no es tuyo!
Venturing to a universe,
Dimensions to discover,
Amidst infinite horizons.

¡Pero no es tuyo!
An affinity for more,
Fountains of recovery,
A realistic sublime.

¿Pero, por qué no?
Alive to ascend,
Warmth in descend,
Into the smiling dream.