Rejuvenating Confidence

The value of success,
If and when lacked
Becomes an unknown,
An obstacle, a mirage,
Unreachable always,
But I had mine,
Oh it was long ago,
I used to ride mountains,
Invade the oceans,
Lead hundreds of storms,
Then I fell into a bottomless pit,
Lost amidst the shadows of agony,
Plaguing rainbows into nightmares,
Stabbing my reality,
So I hid from society,
Home becoming unbearable –
What was once a heavenly land,
Now a desolate graveyard,
Burying everyone to start anew,
Travelling alone to break through
My own self and find another self,
In numbers I put all of my hope,
Higher grades, lower weight,
Longer ups, shorter downs,
More friends – better, closer,
Better for my life,
Closer to my soul,
Slowly reincarnating,
The mirage is fading,
So keep me by your side,
Hold on to me,
Hug me and never let go,
Because I know I won’t,
I’m confident.


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