Gems of this World

Like the diamond, sharp edges redefined,
Beauty that glistens the eyes of the world,
At its centre as at its periphery, all in all,
Summoning pure souls for an eternal dance.

Like the pearl, smooth oceanic surface,
Far from imitation of factory-owned scales,
Natural in its rarity, beyond anyone’s reach,
To be protected by the warm hugs of clams.

Like the gold, ancient cultures to crown,
Large chests to bury, great thrones to fall,
An emblem of royalty and another of divide,
Alchemists to seek in this penniless world.

Like the above gems and even ever more,
For the final glamour, many steps endured,
Unbeknownst to the naked eyes of passers-by,
Such is the staged musical: lights, laughs, and life.