A Note to Self

Dwell upon an earth to which resides
A hopeful life of copious smiles,
Deteriorate not to which you have set forth,
Goals and dreams in total ascension,
And never sway away from the warmth of hugs,
Of holding hands or the dance of a heartbeat,
Keep close O keep close them pure souls,
Without whom no other reality is comparable,
And if you ever forgot their magical moments,
Breathe deep, in and out, and another,
For as long as you need, in and out,
To remember your self of beauty,
To render your soul a way forward,
To tender a heart for another beat,
So dwell upon an earth in serenity.

You Mean so Much to Us

Have you seen how a colossal mountain
Stands ground, unfaltering, robust, and magnificent,
Piercing the clouds, reaching for the stars?
Or have you seen how an exquisite island
Provides its own inhabitants with blossoming trees,
Bathing under the sun-kissed summer afternoon?
And have you seen how the distant moon
Shines all its glory amidst a silent winter night,
Dancing with the shimmering constellations?
Now, would you be kind and dive into your heart,
Be sure to caress it well as it is ever so delicate,
And as you listen to its warm beats, look at it,
How the scars transformed to glittering celebrations,
Wouldn’t you say that it is more robust
Than the colossal mountain, and more providing
Than the exquisite island, and definitely more luminous
Than the distant moon, and if I may add,
Your heart, without any doubt, is so lovely,
Look at all those around you,
Look at all our smiles,
Now, look at how you mean so much to us.

Ride Myself in Ascension

In all its glory and the treasures it withholds,
Was I too careless? No, but naïve to even step
On the footsteps of ancient giants,
Negotiating terms with nature,
Only to shiver into random fits –
Soon though, I will triumph,
I will pierce through this unfathomable night,
I will survive under the Sun’s realm,
No beast dares to obscure my path,
Except –
That which is within,
Facts, out of fear, become biased,
But here I am,
In the middle of nowhere,
And I now know my limits,
So, all I have to do is
Ride myself in ascension.