Prescribing a Decryption

A pragmatic little archaic mind,
Searching through written lines,
Where many dots were connected
In an attempt for a decryption.

Alas, repetitions of fruitless find
Necessitates few directive signs,
To pierce through his wall – protected,
And uncover his own encryption.

Rising celestial entities now aligned,
Pondering upon the star that shines,
Few emotional syllables detected,
So, write me a coded prescription.

To My Offspring

I just wrote an encrypted letter,
Layered with seven coding systems,
Then I rolled it for a forgotten era,
Picked up a green ribbon for a knot,
A clear glass bottle for transportation,
And a sea for an unknown itinerary,
Forty-six months without a reply,
Trapped in a dimensionless time,
Awaiting the whispers of an angel,
Voices of my ancestry start to tremble,
The return of our long-lost kingdom was
But a mirage in a servant’s mind,
The forest trees have burnt,
The valleys became arid wastelands,
Scorching heat and starless nights,
And all I could wish for was the comfort in
Lying over our forefathers’ graves,
Keeping an eye for the falcon’s shadow,
In hope for a living, for a resurrection,
For some powerful force to guide the
Bottled letter through the nine oceans,
But it is my time to bid you farewell, Offspring.

Painful Poetry

So never cry a poem out of pain
For it will painfully open a wound,
Once stabbed beyond comprehension
With a similar anguished cry voiced
Above all whispers of many men,
Letters emerging from their tears
To recreate a sonnet –
The love story between a wound
And an everlasting infinite dream,
Their coexistence reinforces an imperfect
Being to commence a burial ceremony,
The art established for mental
Initiation will relieve the copious
Lists of duties clouding the heart’s
Movement: forward into a brickwall,
Or backward into a timeless abyss,
Or maybe sideways until crushed
Down to the white bones immersed
In this life’s bloodpool,
The art of a painful sonnet
Is but an alphanumerical equation,
A method of encrypting many tearful
Men falling into a painful poem.