Erase your annoyance over gullibility,
Remove the engrained hooks placed
To bait Time out of their praying souls,
Little preys to your predatory behaviour,
Empty hands quivering at the necessity
Of appreciating charitable giving of the
Goodness of this life and the hereafter,
A story about the return after exodus,
Ancestors tearful for the odd escape,
Something that foretold the encasing
Desolation and the purposelessness
Of your habitual soulless cold life,
Consequences of hesitant beats of
The heart would crumble your mind
Into cries of repetitive annoyance,
So, stop and seize your soul into
An empty room for a moment of
Total silence and a bit of cogitation.

The Shooting Star

The shooting star
In its own accord
Decided to abandon
A constellation,
The glitters of
Our skies twinkling
For another wish,
But if the ladder
Towards heaven
Has already crumbled,
Then cry for this star
And its exodus to
The unknown, but
Keep your eyes wide
Open to observe the
Birth of a new star.