My Star

The heart yearns for her dazzling eyes
To tickle its lashes for her hidden giggles,
And it longs for the very damp red lips
That whisper songs for her musical curves,
And it craves for another lovely moment
To adore all of her under her beating heart,
And it aches as it sends her letters of love
Mysteriously wrapped as a poetic gift box,
And it realises that her free soul will
Forever live far away like the Northern Star.

Tickling a Penguin

Tickle an adorable little penguin
And listen to its melodic giggles,
Voices of nature always allures us
Into the peaks of happiness even
When we might not anticipate it,
But our pure actions will produce
A joyful adorable symphony that
Envelopes our beloved’s heart,
Whom listens to nature where
The flowering giggles disperse,
And it will always continue to,
For the little penguin was tickled.

Lovely Yellow

Farewell to the yellow star that shined
The copious chambers of my silky soul,
The delicious apple cake reflected the
Amber wavy hair that curtains around
Her long neck; a unique design that is
Meant to juggle my zealous emotions,
Golden giggles baking for my farewell,
Yes indeed, parting on so many levels,
O lovely yellow of this deserted heart.

Her Giggles and My Hugs

I caught her adorable giggles
As I passed the corridor,
And there she was sitting
At the kitchen table,
She looked towards me,
And something magical occurred,
We just became so energetic
That our smiles filled the entire place,
And then I hugged her
Adorable giggles,
Right after I caught them,
And I sent it back to her,
Along with a kiss on her cheeks,
More giggles to hug,
But now I vibrantly hug her lively soul.