An Unknown Dimension

As a whisperer to earths and heavens,
And a wanderer with an ancient heritage,
A nomad with a distant destined future,
Nearing to the point where everything halts,
Abrupt discovery of an unknown universe,
Through a dimension unbeknown to him,
As he starts to swim into her galactic eyes,
Fading into her warm hallowed curves,
Dancing to her rhythmic smiling beats,
Playing an instrument on her delicate skin,
A melodious musical just between the two,
Under celestial guidance to forever bloom,
And until that day arrives, he sends letters,
Of many hugs and kisses, and of infinite love.

She Never Knew

Envelope the warmth
Around your coldness,
Design a sculpture out of the hug
That wraps over your curves,
Now kiss the skin into rapture
To allow your soul to ascend,
And capture the very eyes
That taps the music into yours,
And when the mind asks
The definition of yours,
It can only describe your
Dazzling beauty beyond compare,
And this is only what I write,
I write not what I do,
For do does not follow feel,
And so, do does evaporate
When the feel condenses
Over the heart’s written
Symbols that I just write;
And yet, she never knew.