Gems of this World

Like the diamond, sharp edges redefined,
Beauty that glistens the eyes of the world,
At its centre as at its periphery, all in all,
Summoning pure souls for an eternal dance.

Like the pearl, smooth oceanic surface,
Far from imitation of factory-owned scales,
Natural in its rarity, beyond anyone’s reach,
To be protected by the warm hugs of clams.

Like the gold, ancient cultures to crown,
Large chests to bury, great thrones to fall,
An emblem of royalty and another of divide,
Alchemists to seek in this penniless world.

Like the above gems and even ever more,
For the final glamour, many steps endured,
Unbeknownst to the naked eyes of passers-by,
Such is the staged musical: lights, laughs, and life.

Let’s Add Colours

And so it begins,
Cleansing the scars,
Let’s colour it white,
(Impressionist style)
To the passersby: pure,
To those who dwell: purified,
Wounded terrains,
Dried up valleys –
But it’s a process!
So stop dwindling on
The black spots of this
Formidable canvas,
Gaze at the stars,
Mark your own constellation,
Now, let’s add colours.

Celestial Rituals

Touching the smell of a free soul,
Floral songs amidst the morning dew,
Serene nature with a divine beat,
And to picture you within my arms is
Today’s reality for a perfect smile,
Next, for a tree to hug – a celestial ritual,
Then to walk barefoot on our earth,
Reaching a beauty beyond compare.

The Uncertain Tomorrow

There was once a window,
Where I could glimpse
The trees of life blossoming,
And yet, in the headlines,
I hear the screams of humanity
Fall off from the edges of sanity,
As if on the verge of extinction,
And all I have right now are
Truthful strings of kinships,
Melodious songs of friendships,
As I move on to a new era,
To shape the uncertain tomorrow.

To My Adorable Snowy

Lest I forget, have I ever loved another?
Few words to fulfil a small void within,
Adorable beauty from a royal’s henna,
As white as a snow from head to paw,
Snowy’s best are in her soothing purrs,
Her massages and the infamous meows,
(only heard for food and – no, just food!)
But even so, this is a piece to my Snowy,
Lest I forget, have I ever loved another?

Energetic Spring

A story withheld from whispering Earth,
A decision during the fierce Winter storms,
Now that Spring has revealed its warmth,
Smiles are reconnecting at Plac Litewski,
Fountains of joy dancing among pure souls,
To discover one is a blessing beyond compare,
So, run towards her arms to delicately touch,
And let her bathe under your energetic Spring.