As the candle within me dims bit by bit,
Darkening my surroundings walking on uncertain paths,
Losing any sorts of assistance,
Leading me off track.

My heart searches for its horizon,
A horizon that is fading away,
This candle is but a way to enrich its heart,
A heart filled with doubts and quarrels.

The sky’s curtains begin to unravel,
Moonlight invading every bit of shade,
Shining my face and this pathway I walk on,
Time to relight it; guided once again.

8th of February 2009

Without a He

Born to this branch of an enormous tree,
Thin as it was; firm and stable as it would be,
Lookin’ at me both sides,
Wonderin’ at he who resides,
So long as he does not interfere,
So long as she and I adhere.

Blue as I was, pretty unpopular, although I was rare,
Famous as he was, crimson for a colour, so unfair,
Shoutin’ across me stem,
Searchin’ for the letter M,
So long as he does not come near,
So long as she becomes sincere.

She was very young; clever and lovely little girl,
He needs to be dead; for white is rarer than a pearl,
Starin’ at me-self,
Cuttin’ parts of he-self,
So long as I to him never appear,
So long as I to her become very dear.

In her life I will be without a he.