Sky’s Wisdom

An early bird chirping to rise,
Awoken by the sky’s wisdom,
Learning many crafts of today,
And for tonight as for tomorrow,
The sky’s wisdom reincarnates.

Celestial Rituals

Touching the smell of a free soul,
Floral songs amidst the morning dew,
Serene nature with a divine beat,
And to picture you within my arms is
Today’s reality for a perfect smile,
Next, for a tree to hug – a celestial ritual,
Then to walk barefoot on our earth,
Reaching a beauty beyond compare.

The Uncertain Tomorrow

There was once a window,
Where I could glimpse
The trees of life blossoming,
And yet, in the headlines,
I hear the screams of humanity
Fall off from the edges of sanity,
As if on the verge of extinction,
And all I have right now are
Truthful strings of kinships,
Melodious songs of friendships,
As I move on to a new era,
To shape the uncertain tomorrow.