Bipolar Universe

Tell the souls of this Universe
About a tiny cryptic borderline
Personality that will somehow
Envelope an intellectual heart,
One that will assume a position
In one of the seats of Parliament,
Such that the Universe can come
Back to its senses and applaud
At one misdirection that took
Place in my backyard’s horizon,
Ah, what a relief! The nonsense
Of sensuality developed in the
Brink of time where space lies
Empty on these scorched sands,
Somewhere in this Universe
Where the thrones of devious
Aliens throw rotten tomatoes
At passers-by devoid of reason,
Mentally challenging the puzzles
Of botanical gardens that were
Meant to be for this Universe,
And at this moment, the men
Signed the preposterous law
That heightened this problem
From a hobbit’s dwelling to
A mountainous pile of dung,
Here and now, the souls of
This Universe will listen to the
Adorable purrs of mythical souls.

Societal Change

What of a society deemed to
Never survive over the divine
Earthly crust that resurrects
The cries of life, buries elders
In bottomless pits during an
Era previously defined by its
Endless guidance to all men,
Except all their whispers are
Gone beyond resurgence in
A non-existent society that
Bordered light and darkness,
Where definitions of living
Has misdirected those who
Obtained world maps and
Compasses to redirect their
Lost souls into what was once
The essence and the building
Block of the lives of human beings:
Eyes darted into infinite horizons,
Ears forged symbolic understandings,
Hands… O woe to the mishaps,
Taking a turn on behalf of the
Rest of a non-existent society
Deemed to once upon a time
Resurrect at a pace unknown
To the cries of life,
To the hisses of death.

A Serene Land

Blessed I am to dwell on a serene land,
By day, the breeze delivers birdsongs
Written for the free soul to memorise,
By night, the moon glows alongside
The glittering stars in a musical show,
And my heart feasts its eyes on this
Ritual magically conceived amidst an
Ancient infinite desert for a touch of
Divine serenity that calms my old mind.

An Unwanted Meeting

The arrival of this night,
A night resembling nothing,
An unwanted meeting,
With a mere half a shadow,
In dusty corners it dwells,
Of this great mansion,
Built by angelic hands,
Hands nurturing your soul,
And now you sit next to it,
Incomplete belittled shade,
Casted for others to see,
Showcasing his deeds,
Goodness naively assumed,
Unbeknown about the exiles,
Or the three hundred thousand,
What goodness would half a
Mind produce or even order
The less than nothingness of
His blind soulless heart,
Exists only for few who clap,
And what crocodile tears
Would do him any justice as
Smirks fill his ugly half a face,
Contradictory pieces of the
Same old and rusty half a shadow,
Do tell me about the goodness
Of the deductions fought since
The birth of your little cries,
Stolen in front of lawful gavels,
Contending to reach a mirage,
And what deeds does he have
Except for your grave he dug
From your piggy bank savings,
Childhood innocence detached,
Running away and celebrating
The confiscation of your smiles,
And now he requests a reconnection,
To rebuild the disintegrated ties of kinship,
Though, the ships of your lovely
Soul has shipped away from his
Isolated shores that you casted away,
So, what form of justice should you
Serve this selfishly half being?
This night shall flame incessantly,
And justice will commemorate
The delusions of this half a shadow
Casted on these pure arid lands.

My Star

The heart yearns for her dazzling eyes
To tickle its lashes for her hidden giggles,
And it longs for the very damp red lips
That whisper songs for her musical curves,
And it craves for another lovely moment
To adore all of her under her beating heart,
And it aches as it sends her letters of love
Mysteriously wrapped as a poetic gift box,
And it realises that her free soul will
Forever live far away like the Northern Star.

I Am Cultural

Hold on. Pause. And take a deep breath.
Listen to the red beats of all our lives.
And wait. Be patient. And look outside.
See the yellow dust mixing with shades
Of green palettes awaiting to be stroked
For an enormous canvas. Now breathe.
And live for as long as your white smiles
Take you: over the blue seas or even at
Your own doorstep where you trembled,
Where you suffocated your old inner self,
A shock towards a culture you embraced
As a little child and chose to set it aside,
Let it shock you. Let it shock the very feet
That tried to escape a reality deemed to
Forever follow you innocently for a kiss,
And for a little hug, and request to never
Forget, so go into a huge shock so that
You will be able to return to us normal
For I am all of my past, present, future.